Lis Rodriguez, RDN

A complex, chronic patient and practitioner.

Lis earned her Bachelor's of Science degree in Nutrition & Dietetics at The University of Delaware and completed her accredited didactic internship at The Geisinger Medical Center. She worked as a clinical dietitian in the hospital setting for the first four years of her career, encountering a broad array of medical conditions. She became a licensed practitioner in the state of Pennsylvania.  


During her young adult life, Lis's health suffered and she began expressing multiple autoimmune illnesses. She resigned from the hospital, learned how to nurture her health, and began her own private practice in 2009. She's continued to sharpen her skills as a Dietitian in Integrative & Functional Medicine (DIFM) and a Certified Lifestyle Eating and Performance (LEAP) Therapist trained to treat and detect food and chemical sensitivities.


Today Lis lives in Arizona where she provides guidance on how to navigate food and chemical sensitivities, supplements, living with lyme, avoiding mold, and reducing everyday exposure to toxins by providing phone, video and email consults (on a very limited basis). 


Despite her best efforts, Lis has faced ongoing health challenges including Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS) and Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS) related to water borne molds in buildings, as well as chronic lyme disease and related infections from an untreated tick bite in 2010. Lis uses her personal experience to specialize in immune health while teaching clients lifestyle strategies to nourish their bodies. 


These days Lis spends a lot of time resting and using alternative modalities to strengthen her immune system. She continues to work toward healing with an open mind, a quiet faith, an innate determination, and by continuously tweaking her self-care routine. 

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist -- Integrative & Functional Practitioner

Autoimmunity - Food and Chemical Sensitivities - Reducing Toxin Exposure

Professional Nutrition Consulting, PLLC


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