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Grateful for the opportunity to work with these inspiring individuals...



"Fatigue has always been a big problem for me. After working with Lis, my energy increased and I lost 20 pounds effortlessly."


Judy Rienzi, Pennsylvania



"It is a pleasure working with Lis. I have an autoimmune disease that causes blisters to form on my skin. She was the first person to help me go gluten-free and organic. I know which foods to choose and pay close attention to the labels. I now eat and feel better and have lost 8 pounds. Lis introduced hypoallergenic vitamins such as: vitamin D/K2, Citramins 11, Omega-3 w/ Coq10, and Therbiotic Complete. She has made me realize how many unknown toxins are found in vitamins, foods, and toiletries. I now make my own lotion and body creams. Lis is extremely knowledgeable and personable. She has changed my life."


Patricia Johnson, Arizona

"Lis shared so many great healthy recipes to help me shed some pounds for my wedding. I fell in love with her smoothie recipes and still enjoy them today. I felt great for my big day!!" 


Heather Chivinski, Pennsylvania


"In short, I am an aging athletic that was dealt some unexpected cards and went in search of a nutritionist that could help me sort out the many questions I had. I found Lis to be caring and focused on my needs. I felt that she treated me as an individual and didn't put me in a box with a standard set of things to do to improve one's health. She is caring, kind and in a gentle way knows how to influence change in unhealthy behaviors. She has made a difference in my life!

For that I am thankful."


Ed Dutton, Arizona

"Since I started working with Lis, my anxiety to try new foods went away. She has helped me to get to the point of trying new foods that I never thought I would be able to eat again because of allergies. Lis always talks to me and not just my mom about my issues. This is one of the reasons I trust what she says because I hear it for myself from her. Lis has helped me by giving me something new to try every appointment, which makes me excited! She is so smart! She knows what she's talking about with food and supplements, not just reading it from a paper like some doctors. Lis is very caring and even when she's sick, she takes time to help other people like me. I've tolerated new foods and supplements since meeting Lis and this has helped give me more energy, and not have to deal with hives everyday."


Haylee Satterfield ( 12 years old ), Maryland

"Lis has brought a whole new outlook in life to our family. Since finding Lis our daughter who has dealt with chronic hives since the age of 3, no longer gets hives. Haylee is able to play outside during the worst pollen level days and not have her eyes swell shut, have an asthma attack, or be covered in hives. Lis has found clean supplements that Haylee's system will accept while filling in vitamin and mineral deficiencies she had. Lis has built a trust with my daughter and myself, and because of this we can introduce new foods back into her diet. Our daughter is taking only a small amount of an antihistamine daily, but for the past 9 years she was taking up to 3 antihistamines with use of an inhaler and still dealing with allergies and breathing complications. Lis is so knowledgeable about the body's whole health and ways to heal a broken immune system. We appreicate her vast knowledge and can't say enough about her generous and caring spirit."


Kristie Satterfield ( Haylee's Mom ), Maryland

"Just when I thought that I was never going to overcome my autoimmune disorders, I found Lis Rodriguez!  Since then my hope has been restored.  Lis immediately treated me as an important individual, not a number. She stays focused on my specific needs and doesn't hesitate to give me concrete ways to solve my difficult problems, always with great compassion and unwavering support. Lis always gives generously of her time, far beyond what I have ever received from any other practitioner. Her follow up summaries are detailed, contain tremendous information on where to find needed answers, and assist and empower me to move forward with confidence. She has a wealth of knowledge and a profound wisdom which she has offered while helping me find the underlying causes and appropriate steps toward better health.  Lis models how every healthcare practitioner can and should partner with her patients in search for answers which bring about vibrant wellbeing. My heart is filled with gratitude for I am richly blessed to have Lis as a key professional on my wellness team!"


Amy Cotter, Ohio

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