I'm here to optimize your nutrition with a flexible, personalized approach...

As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN), I offer consultation via email to enhance your health and well-being in an efficient and affordable process.  

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Heather, PA

"Lis shared so many great, healthy recipes to help me shed some pounds for my wedding. I fell in love with her smoothie recipes and still enjoy them today. I felt great for my big day!!" 

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Patricia, AZ

"It is a pleasure working with Lis. She was the first person to help me go gluten-free, organic, and introduced me to hypoallergenic vitamins. She has made me realize how many unknown toxins are found in vitamins, foods, and toiletries. I now make my own lotion and body creams. Lis is extremely knowledgeable and personable.

She has changed my life."


Judy, PA

"Fatigue has always been a big problem for me. After working with Lis, my energy increased and I lost 20 pounds effortlessly."


Ed, AZ

I found Lis to be caring and focused on my needs. I felt that she treated me as an individual and didn't put me in a box with a standard set of things to do to improve one's health. She is caring, kind and in a gentle way knows how to influence change in unhealthy behaviors. She has made a difference in my life! For that I am thankful."


Haylee, MD

"Since I started working with Lis, my anxiety to try new foods went away. Lis always talks to me and not just my mom about my issues. Lis has helped me by giving me something new to try every appointment, which makes me excited! I've tolerated new foods and supplements since meeting Lis and this has helped give me more energy, and not have to deal with hives everyday."

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